Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kurbaan it!

A group of illiterate terrorist plan to bomb subways in US. A poor soul tricked just to get into states, a very annoying story & more annoying flow of the movie sums up to Kurbaan. Wondering why someone wants to create a mess on a topic like Islamic terrorism, which is already messed up! Comparing Kurbaan to Newyork, Newyork was atleast watchable even though you’ll find the movie is again loosely derived from Hollywood flick like Crash. Kurbaan will definitely remind you or make you connect to Khuda kay liye in some ways but it’s nowhere near to it. American Homeland security & intelligence is considered to be superior & prudent but Kurbaan really shows them as a bunch of morons running around in all directions without any clue. How ignorant! It’s one of the idiotic movie ever made & will confuse everyone who had some understanding of Islam & terrorism. Ultra cruel. Saif looks like, he is ready to retire. Kareen is okay. Vivek’s lecture made him look sillier & Om puri should stick to revealing his explicit “maid-en” adventures for his biography. Utter rubbish! Please pass this one & Kurbaan it, not worth anything! The reviews posted on rediff & Indiatimes are bloody ambiguous.

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