Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Armed with a VAIO

At last! I got my first laptop this week (5th Nov’09). It’s always complicated to buy gadgets these days the way technology changes so fast & things become absolute faster. It wasn’t easier either to finalise a particular notebook. I almost checked for all brands, all kinds of pricing & configurations. Acers, Wipro, Dell were reasonable with good system backings. HP, Toshiba were okay. Sony was distinct & my weakness too. VAIO is the best for Personal, Business usage. You can flaunt too. I was hopping shops in Pune but unfortunately I found no sane sales guy who could convince me to buy any Laptop. Most of them were ignorant about Computers & were just doing their “piece of work” by offering cheap Chinese made freebies. House of Laptops & Vijay Sales sucked big time & not worth the ad’s they do in papers. Croma was better but Luke warm. Sony World was where I could identify a place I could buy from. I hardly took time to decide on this one. Dell was my other option but lost out due to its very common looks & their mode of selling. I had to wait for 5 working days to be delivered. You see we Indian’s don’t buy stuff before we feel & see it with our own eyes & hands ;-). I got this one for 41.6K. I’m still getting used to its features & was busy creating recovery disc today. It’s worth the money & something very “special” for me. My iPod has found its partner now. Let me weave some magic with it now...

Things to keep in mind before you decide on a laptop:

Processor: Processor is the only component which you can’t upgrade in future so be careful with it. It’s always better to choose the latest one (your friends won’t put you down if you buy a latest one). Intel Core 2 Duo is the rage these days.

RAM & HDD: RAM can be upgraded & you can always buy a portable external hard drive or order from your cousin, colleague & friends travelling from US. 2 GB RAM (2.1 Ghz) is decent enough & HDD of 250GB would be sufficient. 320GB will be a blessing.
Are you a Techie? : If you are that nerd techie how wants to work on programming its better you don’t compromise on the Configuration. Huge programming software will definitely slow your system down (Min. You’ll require a 3gb RAM). If you aren’t techie enough then buy a laptop which will complete your needs like surfing, gaming, Movies, music & Photography. There are so many varieties of laptops now that you’ll feel its custom made for you.

Price: Pricing is relative here. If you have a budget constrain don’t make a mistake of buying something just for a heck of it. You’ll be disappointed. Patience is the Key.


Sweety said...

Hey Steve,

Congrats! Bike , Car & now laptop..what's next??

Steve said... is a digital Home! ;-)