Sunday, November 29, 2009

The day I met an Astrologer

Sunday evening’s are quite depressing.
Weekends fly by & all I could do is to wish for it to stay a little longer next week. Not a great enthusiast for seeking future but sometimes I read my horoscope on my leisure. My weekend wanderings took me to a person, an astrologer (or rather a wise old man in his mid 60’s). The first time I asked him to look at my hand he was rude & terrible I felt of him. I was just asking him that’s it; he had an option to deny my request. He took his time but he was more welcoming this time & we had a conversation. He didn’t fit into a regular “astrologer kinds”, no parrot, no cards, just a book which he kept calling a “panchang”. He was keener on my “Kundali” to interpret things, which I don’t have neither believe in. Belief is such a huge & burdensome thing. He started about my education, he said its “it’s good, you should keep studying”. He was updated that IT guys need to keep upgrading with the technology, I’m mistaken for IT guy most of the time. “You never had problem with your schooling” he continued. I just wanted to tell him I had a horrible Math teacher who turned me to hate math till today. I kept running away from Numbers thereafter. “You should have taken Science” he mumbled but not that sure this time. I loved Physics & spent hours looking at the black night sky admiring what a marvel Space was. It’s been here always, seen everything. Tried to build my own telescope but was hit by lack of funds & non supportive parents who thought a twelve year old can’t build a telescope! I admired Copernicus, Galileo & felt awful that the church poisioned Copernicus instead accepting his theory. They were my heroes. I still have a telescope to own it. He acknowledged that I was independent & made my own way without any Support from anyone. I agreed. He spoke about having a painful & tumultuous relationship with my parents, it was shocking to hear that & I corrected him, my folks were friendly & never came in my way or compelled their thoughts on me. It was always all well with them. He concluded that you’ll buy a property soon; you have no problem with your health or money, but a spendthrift, seeking luxury all the time. Money won’t stay with you longer. Wish its turns true :-). I was reluctant to talk to him but it was nice talking to him, he passed his card & smiled. That’s it; he knew me & my story just having a look at my palm. Did he tell me my future or just told me “what I wanted to hear” will be a mystery & I’ll let time unfold it right in front of my eyes.

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