Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Crash : After effects

Bad things keep happening. Weekend went back to the doctor to get checked again. The Swelling showed no signs of dwindling. The pain kept coming back. Had to get an MRI done & it showed a ligament tear (soft tissue) & a small fracture on my knee. Sounded bad when I heard that. For next two weeks I need to use the braces & the crutches to walk around. Painful!
The Bike’s fine now after the servicing, its handle realigned. I was in two minds to give to a local mechanic or the authorized service points but conclude on the latter one. I really haven’t rode the bike so can’t comment much.
This is the second ligament injury which I’ll be carrying. The worse was my shoulder dislocation. It was annoying, painful & killing. My condition now is similar to this.
Treatment mentioned here is similar to what the doctor has recommened to me.

RICE :When you are first injured, the RICE method - rest, ice, gentle compression and elevation — can help speed your recovery.
Immobilization :Your doctor may recommend a brace to prevent your knee from moving. To further protect your knee, you may be given crutches to keep you from putting weight on your leg.

Since most of these injuries have tendency to heal at its own course. Can’t do anything much than pop those painkillers & let time fly by you.

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Sweety said...

take care...get well soon....