Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's wrong?

My writings have totally vanished, that make me say that I no longer think about things. I have become lazy & sound more mundane. I’m submerged into 10am to 8pm workshift. Work seems have no end. I have to be more conscious & agile about everything I do. I sound like an adult now; even I may not be one. These are the symptoms or withdrawal effects. I don’t find time to write on my own blog & read anything including daily newspaper. I just wish I could have little more time for myself than everything else. It looks like a grievance note than a bloggers update. But this how & what’s been happening so far. I’m just working & working & working……even as I write this…


珮姍 said...

working life is not nice, hahaha, taking some holiday might be a good idea.

Margie said...

Take care, Steve!
It's been so long since I have visited you or you me!

Hope work lightens up for you!

All my best to you!


Steve said...

Hi Venny,
I'm running away next month for a lets see should be nice welcome break.

Steve said...

Hi Margie..
Its really been a very long time indeed. I thought you took a break from your blog. I guess work will stay, I need to start re-looking at the way I work ;-)

Thanks for your Support!