Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Dev D

After watching Dev D, all I can summarize is that the new era for Indian Film Industry has began. Dev D is a movie about a guy who has no aims & ambitions in life & who is hell bent in living a reckless lifestyle. Blame it on his Indian male ego which makes him turn down his childhood sweetheart Paro. Abhay deol is distinctly apart from his other deol clan & can act & has been doing some very interesting roles, (Contemporary). Dev D is loosely & based on Sarat Chandra Chaterjee’s novel Devdas. Dev D has re-written many new rules & it has all praises for sexism, drug abuse, alcoholic & being a looser to the realm. Dev D has a very dark & edgy sound track. The movie revolves between three main charecters: Dev, Paro & Chanda. The movie will either bore you or makes you feel great about it & its unique style of Narration. For me, it seems like a good watch not a regular stereotype Hindi movie. Definitely it will make its way into my ipod library.

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