Friday, April 03, 2009

Weekend Gambol

It’s a busy Friday afternoon & I’m day dreaming look at the Blue skies outside the window. It was a long week & looking ahead for a relaxing weekend now. Last weekend was a total re-treat. It was just my book (India Unbound, Yes I’m still reading it!) listening to music, watching Movies & F1.

Completed reading two chapters from India Unbound, Merchants from Marwar & Dreams of Khabootarkhana… I want to finish this book by Weekend & start reading The Google Story.

Watched, John Carpenter’s The Thing, Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay & Kung fu Panda. The Thing, maybe it’s a classic I found it a bore. Harold & Kumar’s is a fun movie about a Korean & Indian dude who are totally insane & land up at Guantanamo bay, Cuba for their stupidity to smoke grass on a airplane & later charged as terrorists. The Movie is about their escape from the prison & how Kumar gets back his ex-gal. It’s a one time watch. Kung Fu Panda’s the entertainer. The Panda & his moves will keep you delighted. The movie’s about a Panda, Noodle seller who dreams of making big in the Kung fu world (becoming a Dragon Warrior). Check out for the five counter parts of the Panda & his teacher (a lemur, if I’m not wrong!).

F1 was fun last week. The season started as usual with the Australian GP with some really new & contemporary rules & the cars modified, the spoiler or the Wing is modified to look shorter this was done for the cars to do frequent over takings & the controversy about the rear diffuser will be for awhile until the hearing. The best feature added is KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System, using it will increase the cars hp to 80!). The qualifier was a surprise, from no where a team makes it to the pole with Jenson Button. Indian Viewers or maybe just my cable guy’s reception of the Qualifiers was frozen on this TV Screen for a very long time. I guess these guys got choked seeing an Emirates Air hostess!

Brawn GP was sensation last week. They ended up at first & second positions, Jenson Button followed by Rubens Barrichello. Hamilton was awarded the Third place replacing Jurno Trulli & yesterday it was amended & reinstated Trulli to Third place. Phew! An exciting first Race! Tomorrow it will be Sepang & Renault claiming that the track is more conditioned to their car it will all & all makes it more than a thriller.

The Qualifiers on Saturday will answer these Questions. Meanwhile good news is that Force India drivers finished at 9 & 11th position. They didn’t get any points but they have very well increased the expectations of their fans for the next race. At one point, I thought Giancarlo Fisichella will finish in top seven until he mis-parked his car at the pits & lost his timing.
That’s it as of now……

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