Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Software to Softwear

These days where the market has slowed down & banks are turning bankrupt & a sour taste of recessions is the delicacy for all MNC’s & IT Companies in & out of India, the brave Software giant Microsoft has found a second line of business to survive these volatile days, they are now making the real “Softwear”, which the common man knew few decades back!!!!
Post Bill Gates’s exit, The Company has is running loose & have started there own apparels & no guesses for the name they picked for their retro-Geek kind of a clothing as “Softwear”. Sound cool, the tee-shirts would be available in stores in US by 15th Dec 2008. I couldn’t find more info over pricing, hope they don’t charge a bomb for their tees just like their Software products. Whichever ways, very soon the Chinese will pirate the designs & sell at a cheaper price just like other Microsoft Software’s. Unfortunately MS thinks it them who connect over a billion people but to rephrase it’s the Chinese who are helping them!!!

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Em Jay said...

Hi there..

I recollect that you have mentioned over the phone about maintaining a blog, but we never exchanged the url, I suppose... And when Google pointed me to this blog, I am pleasantly surprised to find these colourful pages of yours.

Interesting stuff... Gives a young teenage Pop-culture flavour of a design for a change :-) Thanks for sharing!

So, how is The Fountainhead coming about? Have you finished it yet? And?

Keep it up, man.. Cheers!

PS: Oh btw, the address for mind × the + gap has changed. It's http://blog.mindgap.in