Tuesday, December 09, 2008

An eye for an eye! We have the right to self-defense.

Each passing day, it’s becoming & more difficult for me to sit & gather my thoughts. I’m lacking the time, spirit & patience to pen down the voice inside my head. Past few days were really horrific; it has forced me to voice my opinion. Terror had a new face & a new place to leave a scare behind. Mumbai will never be the same for atleast those folks who were rescued & who lost a near ones in this attack.
Events which unfolded on 26th Nov in Mumbai will & have to change the way we (Indians) look at terrorism. We have been with living with external & internal terrorism since the last 4 decades. Its very unfortunate that Pakistan, a rogue & under-developed nation which is a extremely a classic example of a failed democracy & fundamentalist nation, harbors terrorist & terror organization to function & execute from its soil & its very frustrating to see their Government deny that none of the terrorists were from Pakistan. According to Pakistani media, India has staged the whole event of 26/11 online lines of American 9/11.Heights of Foolishness!! Every piece of evidence recovered was pointing towards one direction: Pakistan.

It was a cowardly & a sick incursion by the terrorist on Mumbai. Hotel Taj Mahal has been an icon of Mumbai along with the Gateway of India & famously pictured in many movies, pictures & documentaries. I have been to Mumbai so May times, but it was just once that I could get a glimpse of Taj & Gateway (Way back in 1990’s). I haven’t had a chance to spend time at Taj or Trident, but when I saw the fire in some parts of the Hotel it was a depressing feeling. Back into College days, my Industrial Relations Professor used to make his teachings interactive & occasionally tell us stories associated with industries & India’s history, struggle to become an industrial State. He has once told the story of Taj, it wasn’t just an elite chain of Hotel’s, it carried a History & was a pride of every Indian. It was started by the Great Tata when he wasn’t allowed in one of the Restaurants run by the British during the colonial rule.Jamshetji immediately, swore to put the English Restaurant out of Business & hence started a curio called “Taj”. No Surprises why this place was targeted apart from it being a famous hangout with Foreigners, Diplomats & Socialites. Little did the Terrorist know the repercussions; their aim was to tarnishing the image of India (Tourism, business) internationally with this attack, instead it brought wrath of other nations on Pakistan. Very soon economic, trade & other sanctions will follow on & Pakistan will be reduced to a full-fledged terrorist state, if they do not confess their involvement.

One more thing which came in as a welcome change is the general opinion among the mass about our Politicians & the security of a common man. There were vibration sent out to the politicians that they will face the common man’s anger if they do not correct their ways of functioning, question’s were raised against people who were in Power to safeguard our nation. Head’s did roll. Our Security & defense mechanism were put on test; we came to know that we had a weak & redundant maritime patrol force. Every time we are hit by terrorist, they point out our weakness. It time for us & our government to run the show in a professional way. We as a country have a long history with terrorism & given the time span we have been affected, we should have become super nation to tackle terrorism & help other countries who are being affected to counter terrorism. Comparing the general population, we Indians have become immune & so casual about bomb blasts, terrorists, murders than the other developing countries. We have two under-developed neighbors who are unfriendly, non co-operative & don’t share the same idea’s & a very violent history since ages & an on-going dispute over Kashmir. I really don’t see a solution for the Kashmir issue until a major worldwide headline (War) event is created, I feel if this (Going for war) is the only way a lesson can be taught & a solution can found to erase our insecurities. Why not then wage a final war, my words may sound amateur but war may be the only answer for peace.

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