Monday, January 07, 2008

One Way

The first thing I could relate this movie with the latest New Year Mumbai Molestation Incident. There isn’t any direct relation with the Movie & the Incident, which took place in Mumbai. Only thing in line would be violence against Woman. Really have no idea if, whether this movie was ever released in India, neither I have any distant memories of this movie in the past.An excellent movie, a good realistic story & quite a brilliant performance by Til Schweiger. Til Schweiger (Eddie) faces the wrath of a fellow Colleague (who was raped by Eddie's future Brother-in-law) when he turns down to testify against the accused to save his marriage. Unfortunately, Eddie’s is cornered by the victim for a bitter Revenge.
What I liked about the movie: Great Direction & the flow in the movie (Its gripping) & a great sound track. Worth a Watch!
Runtime:116 min

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