Monday, December 31, 2007

Knocking @ 2008

Yet another year is passing by…. I really have no memories of what significant things have I done this year except for a job change early this early. Am I Really Content with it? My Answer is a Yes. Working with a bigger company has its own pro’s & con’s. But whatever I’ll never get back into Consulting Firm ever again, no matter what the offer is. Here’s something, which I’m doing to plan in the next 365 days:
Things what I intent to do in 2008:

1. Lead a health life…fresh air (smarter one’s will understand)
2. Try to sleep early. My routine is really screwed up. I need to a Manager to get it back on track.
3. Kill my Laziness. I’m ultra lazy! I can sleep the whole day & Night too.
4. Financial Smartness: I’m little spoilt when it comes to managing the greens. I’m very much moved emotional when I go for Shopping or traveling. Need to invest more on MFs or an IPO.
5. Get a new Cellphone, I guess!
6. Fine-tune my driving, a little!
7. Be little more Regular towards reading my Bible. (Religious uh!)
Well, Im sure there will be new things which will mushroom & surprise me, I’m kind of prepared for it. Looking forward for a blessed year & Sayonara to 2007, you have been a great teacher. Wishing you all a very Happy, safe & a hot :) New year – 2008! See you on the other side (soon)!


Sweety said...

In the "To do List for 2008" you forgot 1 thing...

desiree said...

hey you, dropping by to say hi and enjoy this new uear! hope you get to accomplish all those stuff. =)

desiree said...

oh steve, it was just fine. had some time with the boyfirend. its no biggie to me. how was yours?

desiree said...

umm.. not any in the recent post. but the later ones yeah. you know the one with 3 girls, there's a caption, you'll know which is me. =)

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