Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Right from the Heart-Taare Zameen Par

Every Child is Special. That’s the tag line for Taare Zameen Par, but how many of us think that way??/ Not many I guess. It’s not very frequent I write about Hindi Movie (There’s nothing that I love writing only about English!) but this one made me write. Children are always taken for granted when it comes to schooling & studies. Watching this Movie, I got nostalgic about few things which passed my way when I was in School. (Read Below). I feel Aamir Khan Deservers to go to Oscars this year too. Bollywood’s newest find Darsheel Safary has really got a long way to go, His acting skills as a Kid is next to none. It really good to see Mainstream Bollywood coming out with Sound & Meaningful movies with really great learning or social message in them, considering movies which made hype last year like Om Shanti Om & Saawariya. Both were Scrap! I’m not writing too much about the Movie because it’s worth going & watching the Movie than a Review.

My Schooldays were rocking, Here’s the Top 10:

1.My Folks always made me feel guilty that I never studied enough!!!!

2.Was always compared to my neighbor next door that he gets up at 5am & slogs & I get up at 8am. ( I hated Comparisons which helped me become more stubborn instead of motivating me, that goes on till now)

3.Was very brilliant in Math till I reached VIIth Standard. (98/100 types) but one Incident changed my view about Numbers (It was my Math teacher). I never intent to do well in math again & I continued it till my Xth. (Barely realized that I was the one who’ll be suffering later in my academics).

4.I was very keen on Journalism & Literature. But my Dad wanted me to become an Engineer (a Normal trend few years back).

5.Never suffered from dyslexia but pretended to have one whenever in trouble.

6.When I got my Report card after my IXth Standard Finals, I changed my Math Score from 30 to 80, but forgot to change the total marks Overall. The total was still of 30!!! My Dad called me a “Criminal Mind”. I was house Arrested for a Month! (Without Play! Just Imagine).

7.Used to Bunk Math Tuitions but still used to take Fee from Home. (I thought it was no use studying Math in Life!!!)

8.Was a very Brilliant Student in Social Science. I topped the class from IIIrd to VIIIth standard. Later In my XIIth I got 89 in History, Second Highest for the college. (thought I’ll get into History Channel easily)

9.Played almost all games which my school was into: Cricket, Football, and Hockey except volleyball. Was very good Batsmen & we won the All-School Cricket Tournament Finals; I was the part of the Winning Team. I played all the First Rounds, Quarter-Finals & Semi Finals but was dropped playing the Final cause I left a Catch in the Semi’s, sometimes I still see re-play of that Catch I missed in Flashes in my Head! That one Incident made me a Bad Cricketer.I was called “Blewett” in my team named after Australian Middle-order Batsman Greg Blewett that was mainly because my Fielding & batting styles matched with his. Eventually, My cricketing dreams crashed before I could take-off, so did Greg Blewett’s, after few appearances in the Australian team He was Lost in the Oblivion.

10.I was so interested in Journalism that in Class X started writing News related to School stuff in Notebook papers. It was named X TIMES initially but Changed to X-FILES later. It was turning controversial as I had written few things about Teachers!



Aesha said...

ya .. i know school times are amazin..check with mom... she will have some more insight in these stories...

avila said...

family expectations runing my freedom to choose the thing i like to do the most..