Friday, December 28, 2007

The Conclusion- Kokan Experience

This was what was promised & here it is the journey to India’s western part famously known as the Konkan. I’m not that fascinated with konkan in particular, but I’m with beaches & good sea food. A 4-5 hours drive from Pune will land you up in this beach village called Srivardhan, it has a famous neighboring village called Dive agar. Initially the road played a spoil sport, it was the most suicidal road I have ever been.

We stayed at a family run guest house providing us food & other things. The beach’s just 10mins walk from the house where I was staying. If you want to try some thing better, or do not want to stay with a local family, the Maharastra Tourism department has its own guest house on the way to the beach. The only reason why I preferred to stay where this family was renting out the house was due to the food. Srivardhan is really a small, sleepy little town, you can’t expect more here. The local cuisine is really mouth watering. Try the prawns, the fried fish with some local chutney- it’s really delicious & for the main course there’s nothing better than a fish curry-rice & lots of fish fried & cooked in different ways. It’s really a heaven for people who love sea food & especially Konkani style of preparations.

The beaches are really clean, covered with white sand through out. You can find lot of travelers from Mumbai & other places on the beaches during a peak season. At the beach be careful with the crabs, you can find their claw marks all over. The people here are friendly & helpful. There’s a huge majority of Muslims here.

My next destination was Dive agar. It’s hardly an hour’s drive from Srivardhan. The only place I got to see here was the Elephant God’s Temple & I would love to get back to Dive agar than Srivardhan the next time I get a Chance. By the End of the day at dive agar I was ready to get back to Pune ending my short weekend expedition.

P.S: Just for the Records, the Pics above were taken from my Sony Ericsson W810i.

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