Saturday, September 22, 2007

28 days later.......Confusion.

What is Ignorance?? You watch a movie thinking that it's a movie what you want to watch but after two days you come to know that it was not the movie you wanted to watch. Confused? That was my state of mind few minutes back. Saturday, downloaded a movie from the internet assuming that it's the latest Hollywood flick 28 weeks later, either I had an knowledge about it being a sequel to 2002 released movie 28 days later. I just got enlightened when I was going through Wikipedia to read more about the Movie.

Now, that means I caught up with the old movie & I still have to watch the new edition-28 weeks later. The Movie 28 days later is about new kind of a Virus called Rage virus which has gripped whole of UK & infected people to indulge in Violent acts, basically mindless Violence. The movie starts with some Animal rights activist entering a Chimpanzee Research Lab, where these animals are infused with Rage Virus, what happens later is that entire Queen's land is infected by this Virus & People start killing People. Best Shot in the Movie I liked is the Digital Recreation of London without a single Soul on its face. What would you feel if you are all alone in a huge city? The movie's different & watch able. I would like to go ahead and watch 28 weeks later also, maybe next week. So what would be next after 28 days, 28 weeks later? 28 Months & 28 years coming your way?

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