Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mining for Minerva's

I might not be a master on performing “Disappearance Act”, but I guess I pulled this act very well; this would be my longest sabbatical from my Site since its Inception. Corporate life is very hectic & I remember a famous saying from the management lesson, which say, ”to do nothing you have to be at the top”, the reason why I’m so blank these day is that I’m not “TOP” & I’m at end where all the Ends begin…meaning at the Middle of the Power Hierarchy. I been working, working & working towards betterment but let’s see to what extent this will be appreciated. I have been working on a critical or a Challenging Requirement for any Recruiter. I’m glad I got a chance to work on these requirements. Infact, I feel I’m cut for these Requirements, I always had been successful on the Most difficult Requirements than on the most Preferred or Considered easier Fulfilling Technologies like Java or Testing. It’s rather funny & amusing to say that right?

This the first time I have openly written about my Profession over any Media, in detail. About the Requirement I was into is called Minerva, a Order Management Tool used basically by the Asset Management Banks or Companies like GE Asset Management, Credit Suisse & JP Morgan Chase (New York). Minerva is a Product by Latent Zero. The very reason it makes this Requirement a Goldmine would be due to two reasons:

1.It’s a new Skill, Product: I was told this Product itself was Launched in the Year 2006

2.The Domain of Capital Markets or Asset Management is very Vital & requires a Sphere head to Master it. Density of People here are less. Lesser in Asia.

When all the odds are against you & everyone looks up to you for a Miracle… A miracle does happen. I have been lucky to find the two best guys who are involved with LZ’s Minerva & I’m proud about this fact & also feel little supreme cause I left no stone “unturned” to look for these Resources, be it Asia Pac, the America or the Europe. I would like to take an opportunity to thank all those who supported me during this Project & also Martin Hill (From London) who had enough patience to answer my Emails at all odd hours (and can’t forget initially he gave me a Wrong Phone number to reach him). That would be all about why I was pre-occupied on Minerva instead of my Blog. Now that I’m back recruiting for Java , you can expect more writing on my site. LOL. =)

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hey steve....good postings man....
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