Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Starbucks Delayed

Mighty Coffee giant Starbuck are on & off with their foray into the Indian market. Call it a strategy or Market survival stunt; they have been delaying due to few reasons. Once in a while the Business News carries an article about Starbuck & its CEO making some Comments. About Indian Café market Conditions, South Indians love the aroma of fresh filter coffee & Café Coffeday chains are really doing some cool business & expanding. Meanwhile Barista after a renewed business ownership has been targeting the market aggressively. Coffee lovers are really loyal to the Café they go to. Like me, I prefer a Coffeday coffee than Barista & vice versa every one has their Favorite Coffee makers. Now very soon a Third group might emerge if Starbuck enter Indian Markets by Early 2008.
Meanwhile, Barista's majority owner, C. Sivasankaran, pledges: "I will make Barista the Starbucks of India."

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