Friday, October 06, 2006

Funny pages

Feels good to be back here on my page after a short sabbatical. I have been facing problems with my site due to its conversion to a Beta Site. I have eventually lost my login and passwords respectively, I guess due to excess work stress =)
I been wondering how the print media of our nation has evolved from being an instrument of freedom during the Colonial rule to now, as a lifestyle or entertainment dose of paper. I have been reading continuously since 4 days that Angelina jolie and Brad pitt are scheduled to shoot in the city with speculations rising high, time of India made it a point to derive news out of this every day. They reached to a maximum heights by making today’s headlines with the news that “they” have arrived finally in the city to shoot their forthcoming movie A mighty heart based on the real life disaster of Daniel Pearl,WSJ journalist who was later killed by the terrorists.
Since they weren’t allowed to shoot in Pakistan they chose a look-alike location which fits the bill and made an entry to India. Why is Indian media especially the local one going ga-ga over their arrival????
Detailed reports of the celeb’s career and life is wasting the news print every day. Why is such hype given to them when they have come to do their work??
I hope our national papers report some sane headlines rather than keeping a track of whose coming and who’s going where. Hope the time will change Times soon.


bharati said...

Yeah Steve, even I was pissed off with the unnecessary hype over "Brangelina" (as coined by the media) arrival.

Even I am a TOI reader. The first few pages have been filled with non-sense detailing as to how they arrived, why so, their kids, their security, comparison with Indian VVIP's security, the place of their stay, who else ended up there(the likes of Sharad pawar), did they land up there to meet Brangelina, the prospective Bungalows where the media thinks the shoot would take place, what the workers feel about working for Brangelina, how much they get paid for their labour, what Brangelina should taste in India !
Gimme a break!!!

Smallfat said...

linked over from Sunshine's blog.. do you live in the city that Brangelina are shooting in? i have family there!!
small world..

steve said...

yes bharathi you are rite.....