Friday, September 29, 2006

Eureka Eureka!!

An highly logic hacking game link was forwarded by a friend, initially I could only reach page 8 and I gave up but I got this game forwarded twice again in just a span of 7 days and every time I tried got stuck up on page 8.
Then came an enlightment thought from an old car ad’s punch line which said “achtung baby” I knew this was German and quickly did a translation of this word on page 8 which stated ACHT, I got my answers acht in German means 8(eight as in number 8) and the next link has to be NEUN(in German meaning NINE)
Want to crack this hacking code???? Here are the answers which I figured it out....


1. 2_Talking about changing numbers
2. three_Now, its from numerals to words still its numbers
3. iv_Changing to Roman Numeral representation
4.evif_Again back to numbers represented in words but in reverse order
5.ssiixx_Clue has repeated all consecutive words in the number repeated
6.777777_6 is repeated 6 times as clue,so the next is obviously 7,7 times
7.neputne_Uranus is the 7th planet of our solar system,neptune is the 8th
8.neun_acht=8 in German language. Hence equivalent of 9 = neun
9.oct_sept = September,9th month of English calendar 10th month = October = oct
10.jack_What after 10 in play cards? obviously its the JACK!
11.tWeLvE_eLeVeN = 11, so 12 = tWeLvE :)
12.169_12*12=144, therefore 13*13 = 169
13.number14_number13 is the clue.. from previous reasoings,next is number14
14.quince_catorce = 14 in spanish, similarly 15 = quince!
15.lincoln_James Buchanan[15th president of USA], 16th is Abraham Lincoln
16.septendecim_s├ędecim means 16 in Latin. septendecim stands for 17!
17.10010_10001 = 17 in binary number system, hence 18 =10010
18.potassium_Aragon, 18th element in modern periodic table.19th is potassium
19.uxfouz_replace each word in the clue with a letter before it ojofuffo = nineteen, similary - > twenty = uxfouz
20.icosihenagon_icosagon is a polygon of 20 faces, 21 faced polygon is icosihenagon
21.17711_Fabonacci series defined as F(n)=F(n-1)+F(n-2) for n>1
21 : 10946 = 2 x 13 x 421 -> 22 : 17711 = 89 x 199

22.Woody_follow the sequence of Vooey -> Woody [W is the 23rd letter in Eng]
23.Dancing Granny!!! You have now solved the puzzle :)

Want to play the game here's the link:

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