Monday, October 09, 2006

Heights of Media Madness

At last Mr. & Mrs. Smith made a might heart and managed to slip into the city by a rick,even after Media keeping an 24X7 watch over the stars.
I felt bad for the media people who were on their toes outside Meridian waiting like astronomers’ keeping an eye over their favorite comet just for a glimpse. Saturday night 4 am and I was passing by Le Meridien and still the poor photographers were hanging on.Just a day before Brangelina decided to get out of their hotel-arrest journalist, photographers were man-handled by the personal security guards.
The famous 15min trip which Brangelina made in the Rick made headlines in the papers.Check these photographs of the Hollywood’s famous couple which will remain with the Indians for a long time, especially with the puneites.


Smallfat said...

Le Meridien? That's where I get my hair done when I'm in Pune!
I feel special.

Smallfat said...

YES! LIZZE!!! haha.. crazy!

Yep, definitely know Koregaon Park..

I actually lived in Pune for a year.. went to SMS.. back in the 80s..

Smallfat said...

that's so crazy... my dad's fam is from pune; my mum's is from bangalore.. so, yes, i know both.

where are you studying?

SavvySunshine said...


I love the last pic. Angie looks like she's ready to kill and Maddox is having a blast!