Saturday, September 16, 2006

You'll be with us.....Steve

I'm on yet another weekend and things look very grim at this point.I really dont know where and what point im writing on??
Got up to read in the papers that world has manged to make it self a little more nasty again....that's been my routine since ages now.Listen to music and get ready to face another day,another page of a book called life.
Sometimes i do write withoutout any meaning i guess im in that mode right now.Looking at the targets i have to achieve for this year and sitting in an office surrounded by isolation and all i could hear is the tapping of my key board keys.
Got to do something better and great.
When i was travelling couple of fews back,it was a lazy afternoon and i was skipping channels to watch something better and what i heard was obviously sad... I was surprised by seeing the flash news bar which keeps scrolling on the TV screen about Steve Irwin, more famously known as "The Crocodile Hunter" after the success of his TV show with the same name. It was not coz his name that is similar to my first name that grabbed my attention but, it was due to his work he did for conservation of wild life in Australia and World wide. I really don’t know much about Steve, but I used to catch up on his shows sometimes on Animal Planet.The Mishap which took place was very regrettable.
The controversies associated with him like his affliation with the Political parties and his Act where he was feeding a croc while,holding his baby in one hand and raw meat in another can be forgotten and there's no point in pointing fingers at him (this what the news Channels where busy reseaching,after his death)
This would be a tribute to Steve (and his family members) in a small way ...
Rest in peace Steve....
"May the road rise to meet you
may the wind be always at your back
and may God hold you in the palm of his hand"

Thank you Steve you'll be missed (even the blokes who thought you to be a dumbass are taking back their words!)

Tribute to Steve Irwin (Feb 22,1962 - Sept 4,2006)

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