Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Stupidity of Morons

One more Instance to show the world how brutal and ill-idealogical Al-Qaida can get. Got to read this in todays papers and over the internet about what they feel about Christainity,Pope and their unachievable goals of destroying Christainity. What can an Illiterate and deeply evil embedded gang of sly killers can achieve by making such claims. They are just putting their own religion to shame by making claims like this.Look at the world outside it has become such an insecure place.Travelling by Air's become an Nightmare.Thanks to the cowards who hi-jacked the Airplanes and slammed into WTC five years back (2001)
They and their ideas are originated from sick and ancient thought's. What Pope said was he "REFFERED" a statement by an ancient ruler in his speech,i dont feel what he said was right but i completely wont disagree over it too.As an gentle soul he quickly apologized to his satement,but in few parts of the world still its been a BIG AGENDA to fight for.
If that was insulting what Pope said against Islam what about this statements which these Terrorists made against Christainity(read below),should we also wage a war against them too??
Time will prove it who is fighting for Truth and Justice.Till eternity,you'll be chased till the end of the world,Feel pity for Mr.Osama who's running for his life like a Kangaroo Rat in some deserts of Afghan or Pakistan.I heard he's DEAD in the last week of August this year due to a viral.

Vatican City: Al Qaida militants in Iraq vowed war on “worshippers of the cross” and protestors burned a papal effigy on Monday over Pope Benedict’s comments on Islam, while Western churchmen and statesmen tried to calm passions. The statement by an umbrella group led by Iraq’s branch of Al Qaida came after the pontiff said on Sunday he was deeply sorry Muslims had been offended by his use of a mediaeval quotation on Islam and holy war.
“We tell the worshipper of the cross (the pope) that you and the West will be defeated, as is the case in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya,” said a web statement by the Mujahideen Shura Council. “We shall break the cross and spill the wine... God will (help) Muslims to conquer Rome... (may) God enable us to slit their throats, and make their money and descendants the bounty of the mujahideen,” said the statement. In Iraq’s southern city of Basra, up to 150 demonstrators chanted slogans and burned a white effigy of the pope. “No to aggression!”, “We gagged the pope!” they chanted in front of the governor’s office in the city. A speech by the pope last Tuesday was seen as portraying Islam as a religion tainted by violence, causing dismay among Muslim states where some religious leaders called it the start of a new Christian crusade against Islam. Benedict’s new secretary of state, cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, said the Holy See’s nuncios (ambassadors) in Muslim countries would be visiting government and religious leaders.

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