Friday, October 15, 2010

bitten by the shutter bug

I have been waiting hard to buy a good camera. Been on the hunt for a while now, I guess this November I’ll gift myself one. I have actually zeroed in on one of the Sony’s but its existence is a big question mark as of today, yea I’m talking about Sony H20. Couple of months ago, I could see it on the shelves (Shops) but not now, they (Sony) killed it to get going with the New model H55. I’m kind of unsure if the H55’s G-Lens is better than a Carl Zeiss one. My final hope of owning H20 is alive if a friend of mine coming from US can pick one, if I’m really lucky I may lay my hands on one of it very soon or I'll have to settle with the H55. To be continued….

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