Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ordinary but....Dabangg

This would be the most un-likely review I’m writing about. A corrupt, but a good hearted cop, sibling rivalry at its best & a goon to keep the story alive. This would have been a combination with umpteen Bollywood flicks every year, but why did this one race up?

Dabangg means fearless & this movie is quite an entertainer, its colourful, fast witted & most essentially has an unique GI (Geographical Identity) of India’s most mocked states for lawless states, corrupt, absence of any state of stability: Uttar Pradesh.  The social element in this movie speaks of eliminating evil by walking on the path of deceit. Dabangg has reached quickly to the levels of immortality; no doubt the makers want to get the sequel rolling out. Cool.

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