Sunday, May 16, 2010

Aga Khan Palace, Pune

Living in Pune for the past few years I wasn’t able to make a trip to Aga Khan Palace, been passing through those roads a zillion times. I finally did a few days back. No crowd at all & just few keen looking foreigners with their travel bibles trying to figure out this monument. Aga Khan was close to India’s freedom struggle & a place made famous by Mahatma Gandhi, he was house arrested here by the British along with his wife, Kasturba Gandhi & his associate Mahadev Desai. There’s a moderate entry charge of Rs. 5 for Indian & Rs. 100 for Foreigners. Inside Aga Khan Palace, there are artefacts, few faded painting, letters, things used by the Gandhi’s during their confinement. Just behind the palace are the memorials of Kasturba Gandhi & Mahadev Desai, who passed away here. This palace is also one of the resting places of Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes. On the way to the memorial there is a small counter of swadeshi things & books written by Gandhi for sale. We Indian have little regard for history & lesser for our heritages. There are hardly few people here though it was a weekend & others who were there were more interested in the garden than the monument. This place being so silent yet holds a distinctive place for a Gandhian. The voice can be still heard.....

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