Monday, April 19, 2010

the truth

Few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a movie/documentary called Zeitgeist Movement. It was a raw attempt to relook on few historic events & was cleverly plotted to mislead people who had little background on Christianity or economy or terrorism. This documentary projected that Christianity was indeed a religion derived from ancient pagan religions & was the story of Jesus was a straight cut out story of Mitra’s and many other indigenous gods from all over the world. . Documentary like The Da Vinci code was very gripping but untrue, here’s what Zeitgeist Movement. it projects:

• Christianity isn’t original.
• The story of Christ is untrue.
• The facts like Christ was born on 25th Dec, had 12 disciples & gave up his life to save the world was a plagiarism story from Egyptian gods.
• The Roman church is the culprit & was hiding its tracks & truth about Christ.

For a layman, or for today’s information hungry crowd, this documentary will blow the lid & daylight on the integral belief of Christianity & will help them criticize it hard without knowing any background over the subject. There are many websites which support these theories, hard. I was looking for answers, solution which is convincing enough to reconfirm my faith. My search ended, when I found this Christian book house, OM Books, (Operation Mobilisation). The Case for the Real Jesus by Lee Strobel was the antidote for this controversy theory. The book’s well drafted and holds much critical information about all the latest media assaults on Christ. I would recommend everyone to read this one before pointing & concluding anything.
What does the book states?

• Christianity is an historic religion supported by historic writings, not an outcome of Myth or creative writings.
• Writings about Christ are from the eye witness & contemporary writing of those times.
• The prophecies were made before the birth of Christ & he was indeed born out of the Virgin.
• The Mithras & other similarities of other Gods hold no water as they have fallen short of facts when looked at them critically.
• Christ led a simple life unlike the theories of him having a close relationship with Mary Magdalene.
• Christ was resurrected on the Easter Sunday. This was real.
• The other books (Gospels of Judas, Peter etc) which claim the real “truth” were not included in the Bible categorically to hide the truth was a big gimmick.

The faith of many Christians is shook regularly, but has done little damage. Here’s a religion which is hit from all angles & still stands still. I agree Vatican has & is responsible for many social crimes in the name of religion but they did nothing to hide the truth about Jesus. My defence to defend comes just not coz I’m a Christian, it comes to just know the truth. & the truth shall set many things free.

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