Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Google Story continues....

Last night I finished reading The Google Story, an impressive book which walks you through the birth & history of one of the most highly rated firm of our times. I liked the way Google runs & their philosophy of continuous learning & the way they have converted it to a University. I’m keen on their Genome project. If they succeed & mange to connect technology, medicine & DNA types it may well solve the way Doctors treat patients. I some how feel the reason Bill Gates wanted to be a part of India’s UID project was to equate Google’s this project somewhere, coz to create such an unique database for Indian population might involve DNA stems somewhere. I may be wrong too.

The Google story is a short biography of Google. You’ll love to read this book if you are a Google (product’s) addict. No one would deny Google is lot better search engine than any current search engine. I know that coz when I type “stevecentral” on Google the top search results are linked to my blog, that’s pretty neat. The same search on Microsoft’s Bing throws up weird search results. Google is accurate. It’s a prudent case study for young entrepreneurs in any field of business to learn from Google’s mistakes & how Sergey & Page have pulled Google out of initial investment tribulations & still managed to keep their vision intact. The Google Story contains 26 Chapters & closes with three appendixes dealing with: Google search tips, Google labs aptitude test (GLAT) & Google’s financial scorecard.

Indians + Google:
The Google Story mentions about two Indians in its course. Krishna Bharat, (Chapter 12: And on the fifth day…) & Ram Shriram (Chapter 5 & 25). Krishna Bharat was a techie working with Google when the twin towers crashed & he is the guy who created Google News. Krishna Bharat got back to India to Head Google’s R&D Center. Ram Shriram was the person who got the deal worked out (with Kleiner Perkins & Sequoia Capital) for Brin & Page.

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