Friday, January 02, 2009

My Blooper

I recently ordered (Somewhere in the third week of November) a Sony Micro hi-fi ipod (CMT-BX20i) dock from US,through a friend in US. I had to wait until he sent it through someone traveling back to India. I picked it up yesterday from the guy who brought it from US. I was totally unaware that the power requirement for this component is different & when used outside the US & it needs a voltage converter. As soon as I plugged it on, the standby blinker was on & after few seconds it was gone. I didn’t know that it needs a voltage converter at all. Later when I went to buy a converter, the electrician told me that it’s a common problem when using an electronic application meant for American homes. Unhappy & cursing himself for the lack of awareness I had to leave it to fix it up. He assumed that SMPS is gone. I assumed nothing. That’s how my new year’s first day started. Will update soon on the dock’s state.Lesson learnt from this episode: Never get any electronics from US, until you know it will work out of US/Asia. We still are two worlds apart.

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