Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cricket Unleashed:IPL

Every one is talking about it. Its rainy money & sixes & fours all over India. We are united as a Nation but we are now divided between the eight Cricketing teams of a league. At times confused where should our loyalty be counted? Imagine this, if you are a Bengali living in Bangalore for a decade, which team do you stand for & cheer? Indian Premier league a.k.a IPL or commonly called as Indian Paisa League by the fourth estate has boomed much higher than expected, unlike the rebel league ICL. Change is inevitable, if you don’t change with times, you’ll cease. These were the same line the English Cricket Board re-invented the game of Cricket to re-boost the dying game in England. Today BCCI, has initiated to take a lead in taking the Twenty-20 format to a next level, ironically, this was the same board & only Cricketing body which opposed the Twenty-20 format. Well, imagine the kind of money spent on buying the players from all over & BCCI has requested ICC for specific window slots where no international matches between cricketing nations will take place during the IPL season, mainly to make the players available throughout the IPL season. Adam Gilchrist, the Aussie Wicket keeper quoted over his auctioning as “I left like a cow”, a very realistic view. Hope whatever ICL does, it will help the game overall & take the League standards to the likes of English Premiere League or Spanish League, where the whole world is aware about the teams, games, players & more important-the game of Football.

I could say I was a part of Inaugural of IPL at Bangalore on 18th April. I was taking a stroll on MG road & here are few images of the Inauguration, well not from the within the stadium but from outside. Few images from friends, lucky ones who went to watch the beginning of a new era.IPL if ever Sucessful will change the course of Indian Cricket.

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