Thursday, November 01, 2007

In the Name of God

I feel that the writer in me is almost dead & the hacker & explorer or voyager has taken over me completely. Sounds like I have been bite by a bat & I’m turning into a Vampire. I’m guilty of not giving enough attention to my blog over few days but I’m unable to attend my self. All I do is Work. The internet has plagued my home too so that adds up to working from home too. I have been working on few secret projects of my own related to technology, new software & other interesting stuff; I wish I could write all about them but not now.

Thanks to torrent & torrent users I have been download lots of stuff from the internet music, videos, & movies. Since the exposure to Pakistani movies in India is very minute we don’t get to hear much from the other side of the border. But no matter what, there are few things which can’t be contained viz. Music.We can’t hate good music or art based on the nationality of the artist, even if they are rivals to you in every field. I read so much about a Pakistani movie making big in Pakistan for a change rather than a bollywood flick.

Downloaded this movie- khuda kay liye from torrent & trust me it can be considered as showcase of liberal Pakistan. The story of Khuda kay liye is different, more than that it was curiosity of how a movie from Pakistan would be. This is very much a first & foremost Paki movie which I got to see. The story is about a liberal Paki family & a tale of two brothers passionate about Music-Mansoor & Sarmad,who walk away from each other due to their respective ideologies. Mansoor is passionate about music & lands up in US for learning Music but Sarmad is influenced by the fanatics, fundamentalist who preaches him that singing, music is against Islam & he lands up in god-forsaken Afghanistan. Khuda kay leya can be a refreshing welcome movie. You might not find this movie with your video library guy,but for sure you can download it from the net, the links are plenty.

More about Khuda kay liya:

Khuda Kay Liye revolves around a young Pakistani man named Mansoor (Shaan) who goes to the United States for higher education. During his study years, the tragic events of 9/11 turn the World Trade Center is turned into dust. Chaotic investigations and arrests engulf the United States, and Mansoor is by the American authorities, although he is innocent of wrongdoing. The experience leaves Mansoor severly traumatized. Meanwhile, his younger brother Sarmad (Fawad Afzal) is encouraged by an old friend, Shershah (Hameed Sheikh), to cease his musical career in favor of the straight path of God. Mansoor and Sarmad's uncle (Humayun Kazmi) arrives from the UK with their only cousin Mary (Mariam) (Iman Ali) who wanted to marry her non-Muslim boyfriend back in the UK against her father's wishes. When they arrive in Pakistan, Shershah trucks them to their village in a tribal area near Afghanistan, forces Mary to marry Sarmad, and leaves her there. She tries to escape but Shershah and Sarmad follows her and brings her back to the village. This film also stars Bollywood legend Naseeruddin Shah in a short but powerful cameo. He plays a Muslim scholar who clarifies oft misunderstood and misinterpreted tenets of Islam during a court case.

Shaan - Mansoor
Fawad Afzal Khan - Sarmad
Iman Ali - Maryam
Naseeruddin Shah - Maulana Wali (Special Appearance)
Hameed Sheikh - Sher Shah
Austin Marie Sayre - Janie
Larry Neumann
Rasheed Naz - Maulana Tahiri
Naeem Tahir
Seemin Raheel
Humayun kazmi
Najeeb Ullah Anjum
Ayub Khosa
Rufus Graham
Angela Williams
Alex Edwards

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