Sunday, August 05, 2007

Are you on Orkut?

Well, we all agree that Orkut is a rage now a days. Happened to go to a cyber café and most of the guys there were on orkut, looking into others profiles or searching for long lost friends & so on. All of were forced at a point of time to join Orkut due to peer pressure. Don’t know where this attraction of Orkut started all of a sudden. Everyone whom I know are on Orkut & busy Scrapping people. Groups, Blogs & website for communication purpose were all of sudden looked down as primitive means of Communication. Everyone wanted their share of their identity on Orkut. Why did Orkut become a Youth Symbol? Orkut was much easier means to communicate or pass on the message instantly, infact more quicker than an email. You don’t need to remember or type the email ids of your buddies. People are much comfortable to see others pics, I remember that one of my Colleague saying that its because of Orkut that he met so many of his School friends, now most of them in US- a regular saying of any orkut User!. Well, with the advantages of Orkut, the disadvantages came in pretty faster also. People were hi-jacked sometimes of their own identity to create obscene profile or it was used to avenge score against others. Cyber Laws were in action & some new species of Cyber Cases were lodged. Courtesy: Orkut.Orkut has been a top social networking site in India & Brazil. Australia is hooked to face book & bebo & other countries are into Hi5 & so on. Indian entrepreneurs were also not behind to target the (Desperate) Crowd to network on Desi Orkut like sites. Some came up fast & went away faster… some still hanging on just like that…DesiMartini was one. With big wigs like Indiatimes, Rediff, Yahoo! India are experimenting on the lines of Orkut. On the other side Orkut’s future will remain on what NEW it can offer its Users as most of the Orkutters are also exploring other network sites, or will a new revolution start at home with a Desi Red hot site with an Indian Flavour??
Till then…. Happy Orkuting… Add me up!

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