Sunday, July 29, 2007

Are you afraid of the Dark?

Sidney Sheldon's novels are always had a women centric characters. I got to read one of his latest novel released in 2004-Are you afraid of the Dark?
I Completed this book in 5 days time basically reading it while going to bed & I always feel I wont read his novel's but land up reading them till the end. I still have two books to be read in the coming days-India Unbound & Fountain head.
Are you.... is a story of Two determined woman who are keen to find out who killed their husbands, who were scientist with a think-tank Company known as KIG. The novel was released in 2004 & they were still talking about very primitive technology & terms. The two main character's Dianne & Kelly are chased by the Killer-Harry Flint through out America & Europe. The power puff girls are invincible & are survived a million times from the deadly attacks. Cool right?? Woman Empowerment!!!
Their Husbands were killed by the head of the Think-tank, Tanner Kingsley coz they were planning to go public about their invention-Prima, a weather-controlling Device. Evil Tanner wanted to keep this invention a secret & blackmail the Government & Countries by creating Weather modifications.
Diane & Kelly manage to kill Harry Flint & Tanner is killed by his own brother by his own device Prima. Sad ending. Both Diane & Kelly lived happily ever after. I can't write anymore on this Novel.Phew!

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Sweety said...

u told me half story only... while having coffee... waiting for de remaining....