Friday, June 22, 2007

Me, Rains & Pirates

Its 8:15pm and I’m still sitting in front of my PC, staring, tired, hungry. I’m stuck up at office cause it’s pouring heavily outside; this is something I hate about rains…. Inconvenience. I would have would have loved it if I was at home & watching a movie or listening to some music or just hanging out but I’m aint luck this time. Just me and my ipod here! Few days back I went to watch the Pirates of Caribbean: At World's End, while I was think this movie will be an end to the Sequels it looks like after watching the movie it isn’t so. I just wanted to watch cause I have watched the earlier ones; I guess that was the reason most us had to go watch Johnny Depp. Its an average movie & has nothing in it to watch it again.
Even the girl sitting next to me didn’t get scarred watching Davy Jones-the evil wicked Pirate, now you can imagine, so take you kids and take plunge into the Caribbean with the Crew, meaning watch the movie with your Kids, its really funny & the the special effects were very blur. What should I do now? Waiting……………………for the next sequel where the Pirates, Jack sparrow, black pearl & others will be shown fighting the East India Company in the Indian Ocean.
  • So locations wouldn't have to be revisited by the crew, some scenes were filmed during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006).
  • They started filming without a finished script.
  • Keith Richards agreed to appear as Jack Sparrow's father and the keeper of the pirate code. He has been pursued for an appearance since the first installment of the series.
  • The crew built a sixty foot replica of the front half of the Black Pearl on the back of a semi trailer in the salt flats of Utah for a shoot with the Shadow of the Pearl. The shoot was scheduled for 19 days, it took 4.
  • The cast and crew filmed off of the coast of Southern California in the South Bay Area around the last week of August 2006. The Black Pearl could be seen sailing to and from port from the Palos Verdes Estates and Redondo Beach pier. The stars of the film would take time off from shooting to meet fans and sign autographs.
  • The series has a rather inconsistent naming concept in Germany: The first film was named "Fluch der Karibik" (lit. "Caribbean's Curse"), the second "Pirates of the Carribean - Fluch der Karibik 2" (although early posters showed the more literal "Fluch der Karibik - Die Truhe des Todes") and this one "Pirates of the Carribean - Am Ende der Welt".
  • There's a bonus scene at the end of the credits.
  • SPOILER: At the end of the film, Barbossa suggests to his crew that they go looking for the Fountain of Youth, but is prevented from doing so since the relevant portion of the map has been stolen. Next we see Jack Sparrow, in his dinghy, turning the rings of the map to form a chalice and the location of the Fountain of Youth marked by an X. The X marks Florida, where ironically, Captain Jack Sparrow lives to this day at Disney World. Another reason why it marks Florida is because St. Augustine, Florida (the nation's oldest city) is the host city to what Spanish explorers (specifically Juan Ponce de Leon) believed to be the Fountain of Youth. Tourists still visit the site to this day.
  • SPOILER: In the scene toward the end back at Tortuga when Jack figures out out Barbossa stole his ship and gets slapped by the two women, Scarlet and Giselle, look at Jacks waist. He has his "mum" tied around his belt (the shrunken head).
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