Sunday, May 06, 2007

Movie Mania

Movies I watched in the last fortnight:

• Turistas(Cold suspense, 6/10)
• Hills have eyes(Bloody Violent, 4/10)
• Hostel (Some thing like Hills have Eyes in different format 5/10)
• When a stranger calls (6/10)
• Stay alive (Any one who plays the video game (stay alive) dies in the same way in real life!!! 6/10)
• Saw I, II, III (awesome 7/10, waiting for the 4th)
• Eragon (watch the Dragon speak! 5/10)
• The Return(please return it back!! 4/10)
• Eight Below (Based on true story,6/10)
• American Pie: Band camp(4/10)
• American Pie: Naked Mile(5/10)
• Bourne Supremacy (Shot in Goa! Love it! 8/10, hanging on for Bourne Ultimatum)
• Bad Company(5/10)


desiree said...

hey steve!!!

you know what? you forgot the E in my name. its not desire. its desiree. =)

well, haha. you never will my friend. not race tracks.

but hey, how have you been doing? its been some time.

steve said...

hi desirEEE!!!!!

Glad to see a note from your sad that you flunked your driving test...anyways...who needs liscense to drive??? you can drive a car any how...have a great day!!!

steve said...

hi desiree...
if you get to read this...I'm unable to post comments on your blog...I think u did some thing with your html.