Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bound or Unbound?

Looks like my own site seems a strange phenomenon for me these days. The average time I spend here is drastically reduced like a Developing country’s Per Capita Income coming down to $2!!
Wondering Why I’m using Economic Jargons?? Influence? You can say that….. Long back I had got a Book- India Unbound by Gurucharan Das, a Harvard Grad who wrote details about evolution of India’s Economic growth from the early 1900’s till date. I would like to write about this book in the next few posts on my blog. Histories sometimes have to be understood to understand our future. For me, being with the fastest growing sector in our economy I need to understand the market conditions & functions. Lets all hope that our Country prospers even after we have a Failed Bureaucracy on top who rules our country Same applies to the Corporate too, unable to understand the Grass root and failed and unusable policies can see you doom very well.

‘Part memoir, part journalism, part history and part management bible . . . India Unbound is an opinionated but insightful guide to a rapidly changing nation in which old cliches about spirituality and poverty and increasingly irrelevant . . . Das had a ringside seat at the events he describes, and the result is an engaging account that moves easily from the big picture to the telling anecdote.’ — New York Times

'It is a wonderful book—a great mixture of memoir, economic analysis, social investigation, political scrutiny and managerial outlook being thrown into the understanding of India.’— Amartya Sen

‘Informative, entertaining, and basically correct about India’s need to embrace capitalism more wholeheartedly, for all the costs and risks.’— The Economist

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