Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wanna Rock Hard?Try this..............

This month I had an overdose of Mumbai. Last week I was again in Mumbai and every time Mumbai has welcomed me with arms wide open. From now, whenever I’ll think of Mumbai, Hard Rock Café will be always remembered. I have no idea about Mumbai and without any guidance I’ll be like a blind man looking for his destination. I had no clue that India has a Hard Rock Café, I guess the kind of Friends I hang out now are too simple to keep me posted about such things. Hard rock was just a name on t-shirts of friends back from US or Singapore. If you can’t make it in near future going abroad you can catch all the hard rock action and ambience in Mumbai. A little research enlighten that HRC opened in the month of September this year. Its must go-go place if you get time in Mumbai. The crowds happening and will get to see a lot of celebrities.The drinks are all fancied up and food’s quite expensive. If you are wondering why a silly Veg burger cost is so much here in HRC, It’s just purely of the Great brand called HARD ROCK CAFÉ. What did I try??? I had a cocktail called Bahama Mahmas, our own chicken tandoori and loads of Chocolate fudge. Along with dinning and partying you can pick up some cool HRC merchandise like tees, caps, bags etc. comes with a price tag of above 500+ bucks.Not to be disappointed you get to hear loads of classic rock anthems and also little of progressive stuff. My day was made because they played all my favorites including zombie from cranberries. A very cool place, would love to come back again here ASAP. Not to forget company matters here so take someone who’ll get along with rock music.

Address for the Records:

Hard Rock Cafe,Mumbai
Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound
Pandurang Budhkar Marg
Worli Mumbai -400025
Opposite Kamala City Mills Studio
Mon - Sun 12.30PM - 1.30AM
Rock Shop:
Mon - Sun 12.30PM - 1.00AM
91 22 24382888
91 22 24386111


Blueberry_rumnraisins said...

I think Mumbai has many upbeat places .. also check out Malad "The BPO Hub " .. The place has developed tremendously in the last 2 years with a string of places to hang out.. Seeing is believing.. and the crowd is so in.. I simply love that place!I wanna go home soon!

sweety said...

Yup... its an amazin place.... we had good and relaxing time after de entire days drink was too good... hope we go there again(together).....

steve said...

hi blueberry,
will definetly go to Malad if i get a chance next time. as far as home's concerned:HOME RULES,i miss Blr to alot but life takes us for a ride so sit back and enjoy the show!!!!
Sweety:yea,lookin forward to go again lets see how lucky we are together again. miss the drink also.But y will you come along???