Friday, November 17, 2006

Mumbai's Revelation

Few weeks back, it was a Sunday (5th Nov) was something special for me in many ways. I have to go to Mumbai, to be specific Mumbai airport. This was the Third time I was visiting Mumbai in my entire life, the first time was way back in 90’s I was in school those days and next time I landed was due to some official reasons. It was an adventurous to venture into a new city having no idea about anything or anyone. Got a reservation for Volvo timed to depart at 11AM which finally appeared at 1135 AM.
The bus journey was ok thankfully the TV in the Bus wasn’t working and I thanked my stars that I don’t have to watch a lousy Hindi movie through out the journey!!!
Reached Mumbai at 345 PM and was almost sleepy but due to the lens, guess with all comforts science has given as they are far many disadvantages to it. Walked towards Santa Cruz Domestic Airport’s Arrival and asked a friendly shopkeeper about Air Sahara’s Office and she gently told me that it’s located at I 2 Terminal that’s the Departure Area. Since I had to wait for atleast two hours till 545 thought of just hanging around the lobby accompanied by few foreigners smoking Marlboro lights.I felt like I was doing a research there looking at people walking by, so many people with so many stories behind them some families some corporate all for the same reason. I had nearly forgotten or paid any attention for so many years to look into the waste blue sky and I was staring the Blue Mumbai sky and was wondering if someone’s watching me from above. Last time I looked at the sky so closely was in School when I used to lay down flat after a very rough hockey practice and since then I never got this thought again till this time sitting outside the Airport.
Evening it started raining heavily and most of the flights were delayed as the tarmac was not so suitable for the planes to land and which almost made my wait more exhaustive to top it over that I didn’t have my lunch which I regularly do while I’m traveling. At the wait was over and to see someone walking out of the Arrival’s was something which brought a huge smile on my face and heart, that instance I had forgotten all the pains. There are few troubles, pains which are worth taking, they are priceless.


samuru999 said...

Thanks for sharing that!
I enjoyed it!
So, it was a good trip to the
Mumbai airport...
Interesting observations....
especially the one about the beautiful blue sky...
and what a gorgeous sky!
(Thanks for sharing the pic)

Thanks for your visit to my blog!
Have a great day!


Blueberry_rumnraisins said...

Thanks Steve for passing by! I think travelling is one of best things a person can do to broaden his horizons!

steve said...

hi Margie,you are welcomed!!!!
how did you develop such an interest over poety...the words you choose are up the good work!!
Blueberry: i like your ID the name you chose sounds like you are very interested in cooking.travelling is very good, but you need a good companion to make it very memorable.thanks alot!!