Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tune trouble

Have you noticed you are in a lift in a posh up-market shopping mall and shakira’s hips don’t lie song hitting your ear drums??
You are waiting for a friend and you are doing the “Waiting”and get into a shop and enter into the world of Worldspace’s lounge radio channel??
Music has been a part of everyone’s life and I guess people who do not listen to music are really “SICK”. Music has been apart of my life ever since I started understanding this huge set up known as LIFE. The last thing I wanted to hear music was when I call anyone on their cell phones, since to a large extent my job involves interviewing people over the phone I get to hear a lot of strange,weird,funny and some really good Caller tunes, but trust me most caller tunes are really SAD!!!
At times, I have just hung up on people because I dislike the caller tune he/she has basically some regional tunes or some stupid latest released movie or some highly emotional tunes.
I wonder why do people first pay so much to pick a song and later they also pay a monthly rental over this service, I guess its nominal but I feel such a waste of money!!!
I do not have a caller tune nor intend to have one for my mobile number. I don’t understand what’s the point in making others or strangers listen to your favourite number?? You don’t own the phone to entertain your caller’s right?
I know the good old regular ring of the phone is boring but I still feel is very professional which I noticed while calling up senior experienced professionals. As a recruiter if I feel annoyed while listening to absurd tunes and form an immediate picture of that person and his tastes you can understand if you are been called for a telcon from a reputed company such an bad impression you gonna form in their mindsets.
I know that many people won’t be happy with this writing but its my opinion, critics welcomed to speak over this!

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Aslan said...

I SOOO TOTALLY agree and identify with you on this one. I tell off all my friends who have stupid caller tunes on their phones. I have even forced a friend to change his tone. Its good to know that some of them actually suffer at the hands of ppl like you who hang up. :) I don't have a tone either and the default one is so decent.