Saturday, September 02, 2006

Damn System

Indian Education standards have been always compared higher than the other South Asian Countries.The large boom in the market be it the IT,Retail and rest are the results of the investments done on the Education systems in the early 1940's, but the ground was created by the British who ruled our nation, most of the top schools, colleges nd institutes are run by the Missionaries.I studied in a christain college too,infact the best.The policies which the policy makers took after independence was an MISTAKE,they gave more importance to Industrial growth than Education.Clearly to say it was Nehru and Indira Gandhi's Regime.Unlike countries like Japan and China who really cared for and gave timely policies towards educating people and the outcome was Japan is a super power not in terms of Military strength but intellectual Resources.

BACK ON STREET: The Delhi police on 22,Aug 2006,trained water cannons on medical students who resumed their anti-quota agitation a day after the Centre decided to roll out reservation in government-aided educational institutions

Well, I guess, in India things really move slow at snail's pace.From judiciary to the polls everything is corrupted. sometimes feel that the main cause for the present circumstances is our style of running this country:DEMOCRACY.
I dont know how and when the system will change or who will change it,but it really SUCKS!!!!
These two videos are a tribute to an Institution which has been generating well qualified Doctors and Management Gratuates year after year.I didnt get a chance to travel or explore Manipal but would definetly keep that option open.

Sprit of Manipal

Summer of '69_Manipal Version

Indianized version of Bryan Adam's Summer of '69.A well-made song!
I always get reminded of my wonderful years spend in my College.One of the few best and memorable years of my life.

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