Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Who killed 'Planet' Pluto?

The sudden out cry by Astronauts and the space watch keepers on PLUTO, which they claim not be a Planet...I meant they claim it now to be a "DWARF PLANET".
"Pluto's out," said Michael Brown, the California Institute of Technology astronomer whose discovery last year of a planet-like object called 2003 UB313 reignited the long-running debate over whether Pluto should be considered a planet. "People are going to be unhappy, but it's the right thing to do. This is a great moment in science."

If I think about the school days, I was very fascinated when I read about the Universe, Galaxy, heavenly bodies, Comets, and other things about space used keep looking at the sky whenever I got time and was involved in building a telescope which never saw daylight till now remember asking myself and my folks so many questions about the existence of space and how it got formed. I was also on crossroads with what I study in science and what my religion thought. Yes, it was a conflict in my head with two philosophies of Evolution and the Creation.
I think I’m drifting away from what I wanted to say. Pluto as a planet was always my favorite cause this was the last planet which I need to remember and write during exams or tests & I had also learnt a secret phrase to remember all the 9 nine planets and I really felt good about it as my classmates tried so hard to re-call these 9 planets in order.
Well, im no longer in school so I can tell you this secret which can earn you 10 direct marks. it goes like this:

MY =Mars
VERY =Venus
MOTHER =Mercury
JUST =Jupiter
SHOW =Saturn
US =Uranus
NINE =Neptune

Now with demotion of Pluto, I know many Pluto lovers, astrologers are upset but I guess for sometime atleast Pluto will be in everyone’s mind.Hope next time when someone talks about Pluto it won't be Walt Disney's Character “Pluto” Mickey’s best pal!!!!


SavvySunshine said...

Steve, thanks for the add. I appreciate it.

Interesting article on Pluto. I'm a little bummed out about it. I mean, I've always known Pluto as a Planet, so it seem sodd tha tit's not a planet...


SavvySunshine said...

Hay, Steve! What about the addition of another ocean back in 2000. I only just heard about this now (I am so behind the times...)

Haven't seen you in a bit. How's everything?