Saturday, August 19, 2006

Stranded,still Normal!

Indian Met Department still believes that this year's Monsoon is pretty 'Normal'.
What do you call such kind of vague and unbased statements made by the Met Department.The weather is changing and they donot think that Global Warming is the cause for that? The whole world's is concerned about Global Temperature and strange wether phenomena and our Met department are still trying to figure out what global warming means i guess??
This years monsoon was predicted Normal and there was no Caution given to areas which are flooded now like Gujrat and places like North-East of India which are normally flooded due to rains are experiencing heat waves (it caused 7 deaths in Assam)We, are not even technically equipped to predict the Monsoon??
Hasn't the Govt spent money over launching number of satellites to monitor the weather changes??
If they have, what's the outcome of the whole purpose??? who's answerable???
Evey year crores of Rupees are lost in floods,famine and other natural calamaties plus another crores of Rupees are spent on trying to compensate this situation.
It is very well understood that no one has a control over the weather and its totally unpredictable, we arent asking for accuracy but for some kind of impactful work which will be commendable by every one.hope someone's listening to this.....

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