Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Goan Monsoon

Every time I have gone to goa I have found goa differently…there is some wild magic in its air which always attracted me to come back again and again to this place.Im back from yet another goan vacation chilled up and relaxed. Exactly last week at this time I was having lunch at a resto near the Baga Beach, (fish curry rice).
I won’t write about my trip a lot this time as I don’t remember and made a conscious effort not to strain my brain about it. I usually write a travelogue at the end of the day whenever im traveling but this time I was too carried away by the parties and some real good time with some special people.

13th night was one memorable night coz of many things and it was really unplanned. Most of the beautiful things occur in a flash and can not be planned.
Wanted to go to Tito’s that night but don’t know why even last time tito’s was closed down and long back I had read about this place down the tito’s lane called Mambo or Mambo Nite’s. Since was royally disappointed coz of Tito’s thought to give a try to this place. The entry for couple cost 300 INR and that that’s inclusive of nothing on it. A shot of 30ml Bacardi Reserva costs 100 INR. The place was dull with few couples and families and some foreigners dinning. Little did I know that this place will rock as the night grew old.
The crowd here was awesome and hot! It was special because I danced the night away after a long time, with someone really Special.
Guess, last time I danced was in The Club in Bangalore, before I left to Pune that was around 2 years back…sad!
Goa and Goan people are very friendly and always welcoming. Last day of my trip I had to go to Panjim to buy cashews and other stuff and on the way, it started pouring madly and there was this lady selling some fruits, some wild fruits and cucumbers saw us getting drenched and offered an spare umbrella which she had…this kind of generosity I had never come across, was touched.
This time didn’t get much time to move around as the rains were playing hide n seek
But got time to catch up on a Hindi movie in Inox, Panjim.
Left Goa at Wednesday Night and was back on Thursday morning with a bad cold.

Looking forward to come back again…maybe in Nov-Dec.

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