Tuesday, July 04, 2006


The most beautiful season of the year and nature's gift to mankind to admire the beauty of Mother Nature. I know sometimes,Nature can takeout its fury also through rains…
I remember a poem in school which we were made to recite; it was from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)….it went on like this….it was called:

Rain in summer.......
How beautiful is the rain!
After the dust and heat,
In the broad and fiery street,
In the narrow lane,
How beautiful is the rain!
How it clatters along the roofs,
Like the tramp of hoofs
How it gushes and struggles out
From the throat of the overflowing spout!
Across the window-pane
It pours and pours;
And swift and wide,
With a muddy tide,
Like a river down the gutter roars
The rain, the welcome rain!

I really don’t feel like working when the weather outside is so lazy and pleasant, I only thing which I dislike during rains is the great inconvenience which I face, can’t get out only, the best thing I love to do while its raining outside is to sit by the fireplace and enjoy reading a good book or have a good conversation with your friends. Rains are beautiful but a country like our they are the sign of pain and struggle for few. I hope things change for something better…….

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