Monday, July 24, 2006

Mid-sunday Madness

I got up late in the afternoon at around 11:45 on Sunday, I was really sleepy and was not at all in a frame of mind to do anything plus went to the bank on Saturday and it was closed at 1230 only was disappointed cause I didn’t have any money at all with me…..its the most horrible thing its like a old man’s feeling who wants to explore the world, has the spirit to do so but no strength.
Well, the sad story ends there…. At 4 I left to trek 60kms from the city, a place called Tamni Ghats, well I had heard about this place in the newspaper under the Weekend getaway location around the city. It was a great experience, since I had the ghost of my past accident haunting me which deny me to do rock climbing till Nov this year, but sometimes at night I still feel the dark deep pain in my shoulders, I know I had screwed up my left shoulder very badly in that accident…
Getting back to the details of the trip, its really an awesome picturesque location which we had to pass through to get there…and to make the matters worse before reaching the light was fading as it is it was very cloudy and it started raining which made riding the bike very difficult. I could feel the heavy rain drops literally hitting my face like the water bullets.

Atlas we reached the destination at 730, spent some time and had to leave immediately as it was almost dark and it was not advisable to ride late plus it was crazily raining whole throughout the way. Stopped awhile for a cup of tea on the way somewhere ahead of pune (15 kms), I was feeling damn cold and was shivering while riding the back. Got back at 920pm and had a hot water shower and was all ready to have dinner. I had my favorite biryani near by and went to sleep at 230am. Before I could say anything the weekend was over. Getting back to work on Monday morning’s is as tough as sending children to school who haven’t done their math’s homework, only in my case I had to to office and slog there… well I just remember that song called “Just another Manic Monday”


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