Friday, July 28, 2006

Jack Sparrow's Stories

Once a Pirate always a Pirate..That’s what I think about johnny depp these days,yerterday I saw POC-2,the dead man’s chest. As mentioned earlier that I was waiting to see this movie, it was surely not a disappointment watching this movie. Normally people have high expectations when they are watching a sequel,POC-2 has at least lived unto the expectations. Johnny deep as once again proved that is needs both the critics and acclamations for his performance….infact he looks cool being a pirate. I feel any other star wouldn’t have given such a stronger life to the character of Capt. Jack Sparrow….
Kiera knightly, looks so beautiful….
Why I liked Pirates of the Caribbean-2, Death man’s chest….??
>Cpt.Jack Sparrow’s sissy attitude
>Exotic locations
>I love to see the beach
>It’s such a funny movie….funny sword fights
>Kiera knightly ;-)
>Black pearl
>David jones’s beard and his crew.
>The teeth of that orator
>The DRAGON, which is really an octopus kind..which lives underwater
>Superb special effect and makeup.

Totally, a nice time-pass movie…..a top secret…….wait for the the 3rd part next year…sparrow will be back….next year.


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