Sunday, August 28, 2011

Xthrill Zone

If Alice wanted to get lost instead of the wonderland this place will have been an option.  The hills match to Scottish outlands, the picturesque lake sleeps like mercury spilled out.  Xthrill is an adventure camp built on the high hills of lavasa.  You’ll be guided by Xthrill boards as soon as we start driving inside Lavasa. You need to drive through a patch of rough & rugged road leading to this high perched camp site. The check-in happen here at 5 PM & Check-out at 5 PM too (wondering when do they get time to prepare the The Camp site is really worth the trouble of driving the serpentine crumbling road. It features 2-Man, 4-Man Swiss AC tents with neatly kept toilet & bathroom with really hot water.  This place is all about nature & adventure, it’s neither a resort nor a hotel, and they call it a training institute. If you are venturing here looking for a relaxing holiday this is it where you should be then.  Get acquitted to your surroundings, your tent, the friendly crew & talking to them about how they run the place & activities. Watch the sunset over the green mountains & soon you’ll be surrounded by the cricket’s chirpings.  Night falls quickly here & its pitch black within minutes. There’s a camp fire set before the dinner & their menu is really impressive & tasty too, mostly veg.

Waking up is a task here, the morning start a bit early at 6 AM, not really an attractive option me.  Trust me the view in the morning is really stunning, wow & fresh. I woke up overlooking to a bunch of clouds passing by with lots of dew drops & mist everywhere. Philosophy is what you need with a cup of tea that’s it. No newspaper, no news of any civilization. Just you & unlimited calmness all around you. You can either been a challenger and go on a Jungle trail & climb the Castle Rock or walk like a pilgrim down towards the lake. For the rest of the day’s activities you can freaks on riding ATV’s, turn into a flying fox by Zipling, for a few dare devils you can rappel down a slippery waterfall.  You need to plan you day here & work & maintain timeline as per your schedules. I had terrific time here & wish to come back here the next time when they start Para-sailing.

Best time to be here: between June to December
Distance from Pune: 72 Kms
Clothing: Rain wear/ Warm clothes
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