Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pattaya, Thailand

Travelling is fun. This is my first trip abroad & really a special one. Here’s my account:

Day 1 & 2: Bangkok- Pattaya:

We took a flight to Bangkok from Mumbai. Landed at Bangkok’s Suvranabhumi International Airport early morning. Hopped on a bus to Pattaya. Pattaya is 147kms away from the Thai Capital. The highway’s quite busy with the tourist vehicles & local transport tucks. Pattaya is a small & famous beach destination common with the travellers all over. “Good guys go to heaven & bad guys come to Pattaya” this one-liner t-shirts are found very commonly in Pataya, this is because what this place has to offer. It’s the world’s biggest red-light area & most of the Thai girls hanging around with westerners are a common sight. If you tend to take a walk on the walking street on a Friday or Saturday night you’ll realise what this place has to offer. Sin city!

Our hotel at Pattaya, A1 Royal Cruise was a good one. Safe, clean & right in middle of the busy & buzzing Road. Our next venturing was the Alcazar Show. It a cabaret performed by transvestites & transsexuals. It an hour shows with lots of music, dancing, songs, stories & really colourful sets. It’s a must visit if you are in Pattaya. We missed going to the Sanctuary of Truth. Late evening we just took a walk from Walking Street to our hotel back. Pattaya’s nightlife really makes you party hard. There are many Indian Restaurants here so you won’t miss your Dhal, Rice & Roti’s.

Next Day we jumped on a speed boat to Coral Island. Its beautiful beach & its turquoise blue clear water a really treat. Don’t miss to do the Sea walk. It’s a different world under the Water. This Sea walk will cost you 1200 baht plus 600 baht for the Video & pictures. Got back from the Island, a quick shower we headed to Nong Nooch Village. It’s actually a botanical garden & display’s Thai culture in a nutshell & the elephant show. Our Day ended with little shopping at the Soi’s nearby. Next Day morning our next destination was Bangkok, will write about Bangkok in my next post…till then Swaadeeka!

From our hotel room



Posing after the show

Walking Street Signage

The Famous Mocktail Vans

American breakfast

A1 Royal Cruise, Pattaya

From the boat

Pattaya's Skyliners

Coral Islands

Dish wars


Thai Kick Boxing



Global Village

The Cub

Thai Silk 

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