Thursday, February 04, 2010

Two States

It always happens that I’m still reading a book & another book attracts my mind. Is it normal? Human nature & novelty is eternal. Two states: The story of my marriage by Chetan Bhagat is about a couple trying to bring their families while still keeping their cultures & customs in mind. The book’s tricky (or the author), he claims it to be fiction & on the same reveals it’s based on his wedding drama. Quite contradictory you see. The story is filmy, same formula used by umpteen bollywood flicks. It end has a filmy climax too. It’s a recommended book for couples who face religion, language, customs & all the silly social factors to tie the knot. Which I assume is on the high these days in India. It’s an okay read & language is quite Indian readers centered so shouldn’t be problem in finishing it in a jiffy.

The two states are actually: Punjab & Tamil Nadu. Known for their rigid customs & colorful lifestyle. ;-)

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Sweety said...

I have read this book.. Its good but sounds filmy at times.