Friday, August 21, 2009

Wayback Machine!

I abandoned my first blog hosted by myblog before I moved to blogspot. I went back curiously to see what happened to it after all these years? I couldn’t find it anywhere nor any signs of its existence was available at any search engines. I knew like email Id’s blogs were also subject to terms & conditions & they are deleted if not logged in periodically. Still no clue what happened to the blog hosting site I’m currently reading The Google Story by David A Vise, one of the chapters mentioned about this Internet Archiving website called Wayback Machine. I was still curious if they really archive the whole worldwide web pages of the past. I typed the URL name of my previous blog ( & clicked on ‘Take me back’. It really did store my pages safely, although the pages had difficulty is displaying pictures but the writings remained. Kind of Nostalgic reading through those pages. It’s a very interesting project by wayback machine, now I know where to look for deleted pages when Google fails. Try It!

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