Monday, August 10, 2009

Getaway: Girivan Resorts

16/September - Update: Just happened to go to this place few weeks back & I didn’t like it a bit. Last time I went it was raining & crowded so I believe it was different unlike this time. The security & so called dumb care takers were very arrogant & stupid. First they said to enter you need to pay Rs.250 per person in that Wilderness (includes just snacks & dinner), which obviously I denied to pay as we weren’t staying back that long, it was just a joy ride. The guy sitting failed to understand any language that we were just there for 15-20 mins & were heading back soon & had no sense to treat visitors. If that’s the way they are managing visitors, I’m afraid I seriously don’t recommend this place for anyone or anything. Some might argue that this may be a one-off case but I’m in no mood to silent to such unruly Hospilatailty ever.

Pune & places around pune turn green & serene during the rainy season. There are many options for a weekend getaway from here. Last weekend, I tripped to this place called Girivan, a private hill station (That’s what they claim!). Got to know about this place by few friends who already made a trip there.
It’s roughly an hour’s drive from Pune towards lavasa route, instead of taking a left to lavasa from the main road you need to keep traveling straight ahead & take a right. (You’ll find a hoarding of Girivan, Keep your eyes open). After taking this diversion, you are on your own. You can see rich green fields, (Florescent green would be right!), green hillocks creamed with white foggy clouds & narrow one way traffic roads. (Lesser version of Roads). Follow your instincts & find this place on your own the drive is worth & the place is a hidden heaven during the rains. They have a small eatery at the Reception center, over looking the hills & the inter twining road below. They don’t serve Coffee so sit back & sip a hot cup of tea here. It was a short trip so can’t describe too much. I’ll write back more on this place when I really go & explore it out.

(Click on the images to enlarge! Pics from my SE K790i)


Aesha said...

hmmm... seems a good when u go please click more pics..

Pranay Udeshi said...

Great...Looks an awsome place. We will go once I am back.

Puneite said...

Really Dumb place....