Monday, July 13, 2009

My car got Scratched!

Ah! Not a great start today. I don’t know what joy one gets scratching a new car? Got up this morning & went down to pick up some stuff from my i10 (just over a month old) it was dis-hearting & agonizing to see scratches on the right side of the car. I guess it was done by some insolvent kids playing last evening around my car. I shouted at the watchman but I know it’s of no use & was wasting my energy on a frail old man. It’s a heartache to see those lines on a brand new car, especially when you have put all your money on it. I hate kids for this. I had got a Teflon coat done while getting the car, called the Hyundai guys, but I don’t think that would help. The guy who did the Teflon thing wanted to see the scratches before he could comment. I really don’t know what evil satisfaction one derives by just damaging others cars/ property?
If anyone is aware of any good scratch removers or car scratch repair shops in Pune, please do respond.

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